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Brimming Over With New Features and  Upgraded Modules

Your office can't successfully survive the millennium without RealWorld Classic Accounting Version 8 that is packed with attractive new features and upgraded modules. Significant upgrades have been included for these four modules: Inventory Control, Order Entry, Sales Analysis and Accounts Receivable.

The Accounts Receivable module can customize the invoice format, reprint posted invoices, keep information for an unlimited number of contracts, and integrate with Inventory Control without the Order Entry module.

The Inventory Control module tracks serialized items and lot numbers, keeps 24 periods of history, allows up to eight bar codes per item, tracks inventory loaned to customers, and performs a multitude of other features to help you run your business smoother.

The Order Entry module has numerous features including converting a quote into an order, converting returned merchandise into a credit memo, looking up customer orders and invoice history by customer purchase order, and allowing for memos as invoice lines.

The Sales Analysis module is able to store five years of comparative data, print reports by month as well as year, print reports by state and generate reports for each customer by item and service as well as create many other types of reports.

Other upgraded modules included in this new release are:

Accounts Payable, Check Reconciliation, General Ledger, Job Cost, Payroll, Purchase Order and the System Manager.

Classic Accounting Version 8 runs under a DOS platform and has more than 50 new features applicable to a wide variety of businesses. It is the only version currently available that is the Year 2000 compliant.

To avoid serious business problems in the Year 2000, contact us today at: expert@accountingco.com or call 847-945-2142


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