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If you want software that allows you to navigate quickly and easily, enter data with a minimum of effort and offers easy-to-use graphical interface, consider RealWorld Expertise.LAN. This modular, Microsoft Windows-based accounting software offers solutions that can be used individually or integrated into a complete system.

RealWorld Expertise.LAN offers 15 modules ranging from Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable to General Ledger and Inventory. All 15 modules can be used successful by companies that use workstations to networked client/server environments.

RealWorld Expertise.LAN offers two features that are targeted to small to medium-sized businesses. This system is ideal for general businesses, manufacturers, mail order and non-profit businesses as well as wholesale distributors.

First, it's flexible, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn. Your staff will be able to learn its many features quickly. The system provides you with information you need to effectively run your business. In addition, it can handle an unlimited number of companies.
Secondly, RealWorld Expertise.Lan offers multi-level security features, which allows access to reports to be controlled by a user, department or company. There is also optional password protection.

RealWorld Expertise.LAN is available for Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT. This software platform requires a 32 MB hard drive and 16 MB RAM.

RealWorld Expertise.LAN was selected by Accounting Today magazine as one of the Top 100 Software products for 1998. It was also selected in 1997 as a Sky-End Accounting Big 6 award winner by The CPA Software News.

Data from Classic Software Version 8 can be converted into Expertise.LAN.

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 For more information e-mail us at: expert@accountingco.com or call 847-945-2142
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