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Services Businesses Can Count On

 Besides being a reseller of RealWorld Expertise.LAN and Classic Accounting Version 8 software, Accountingco will provide many important support services.

Accountingco will guide you through implementing your new RealWorld Expertise.LAN or RealWorld Classic Accounting Version 8 software to ensure a successful installation. We will create a tailor-made plan to your time frame to guarantee your system is up and running by the Year 2000.

Accountingco will show you how to integrate the software into daily operations so your business will run more efficiently. As a result, you will receive the reports you need to effectively manage it.

Accountingco can transfer and convert data from your old accounting system or the DOS-Version of RealWorld software into Expertise.LAN.

Accountingco will provide extensive training to you and your staff to ensure they know how to use all the features of the software from the first day of implementation.

Accountingco will help its customers customize reports included with Expertise.LAN. Or, if necessary, we can create new reports for your organization.

Accountingco will provide your company with ongoing telephone and e-mail support.

Accountingco is also available to do consulting work on other software packages.

Accountingco is affiliated with Bruce Domash, CPA, a full service CPA firm that can help you with your financial reporting and tax-related matters.

We can help you solve your problems today, tomorrow and in the coming years. Contact us for pricing information about the RealWorld Expertise.LAN system or the RealWorld Classic Accounting Version 8 system.

For more information or to schedule an upgrade, contact Accountingco at our e-mail address: expert@accountingco.com or call 847-945-2142


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 For more information e-mail us at: expert@accountingco.com or call 847-945-2142
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